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Balumbo in four easy steps! 👍

Balumbo uses smart variables for your targeted marketing campaigns!

1. Upload list

The first step of making a successful email marketing campaign is uploading your list.

Upload any CSV file of your choice, make sure the file list contains a column for email addresses!


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2. Setup your variables

After uploading a your marketing list, balumbo will  highlight all the available variables for the uploaded list. These variables can then later be used when you write your template for said campaign.


Balumbo will then replace the variable with the corresponding information in that collumn.


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3. Create your template

After confirming your variables, you can finally write your template. The template consists of a subject, text content and optionally a signature.

Variables used in the template will be replaced with the rows value. You can use other files templates, but you might need to replace highlighted invalid variables!

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4. Start sending!

Now you've uploaded your list, defined your variables, and created the template. It's now time to turn on the mail robot.

You can configure the mail robot with your desired settings, see statistics over your current campaigns, and much more!



Email marketing, simplified!

✓ Send unlimited mails

✓ Marketing statistics

✓ Smart custom templates

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