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How it started

It all started out in Stockholm, Sweden where one trader thought of a great idea. As a co-founder of the tech company Ensotech AB, that very idea soon became reality. 

The vision behind Balumbo is to take advantage of possibilities that lie behind strategic/algorithmic trading and making it automated for everyone to use. Balumbo should act as a future benchmark for a different method of growing money. 

We see it as a future method of saving money, really achieving the full capability of what automated trading can do in the cryptocurrency-scene. 

For in a world that is so financially dependent, effective methods of growing, saving, and utilizing money is always going to be crucial. We want to take a small chunk from what all the biggest financial firms can do when it comes to automated trading, and offer it for personal use.

We are going to continuously develop and ensure that Balumbo will deliver positive results, month after month, year after year. 

What is Balumbo?

Balumbo is an automated, algorithmic trading bot that automates already existing strategies. This to eliminate the trader's worst enemy: human emotions.

Human nature can in many cases limit your chance of taking advantage of any kind of currency/stock trading, and by removing emotion out of the equation we are left with mathematics. 

With the mathematics, we are going to be able to make this available to everyone!

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Balumbo store any of my funds?

A: No, your funds lie safely at your own exchange.

Q: Can Balumbo withdraw my funds? 

A: No, only you can do withdrawals through your selected exchange. Balumbo does not accept withdraw enabled API keys

Q: Does Balumbo take any commission?  

A: No, billing only occurs monthly at a fixed rate depending on which plan you've chosen. Transaction fees through exchanges are already included in trades.

Q: Will Balumbo guarantee profitable trades 100% of the time?  

A: No, Balumbo has an estimated win rate between 60-70%. Thus it cannot guarantee a profit on every trade. However, failed trades are countered with a higher take-profit to stop-loss margin. Winrate can vary on diffrent timeframes

Q: When can I cancel my subscription? 

A: You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. You are not bonded to any timeperiod!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us over email via the button below or over chat!



Balumbo is owned and handled by the company Ensotech AB, which has its base in Stockholm, Sweden. The company goes under the Swedish organization number: 559265-9345.

When referred to in any press-related matter, Balumbo will go under the name "Balumbo", as to not stir confusion amongst media. 

Any press-related inquiries can be sent in via the contact form to the right.

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