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Email marketing made simple! 🔥

Reach thousands of potential customers with Balumbo's email marketing.

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mail robot
mail robot

Easily controllable

Email marketing should not be difficult. Our easy-to-use dashboard will give you full coverage and control of how your personal mailing robot is performing.

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Great for marketing campaigns!

Balumbo works great for marketing campaigns that involve outbound emails. You can send over 8000 emails/day using Balumbo, each with its own personal touch.


Reach thousands of potential or already existing customers. Upload your marketing lists, write your template with variables and start sending!


Up to

E-mails to be sent to individual contacts every minute.


Up to

Unique variables can be used for each written template.


Email marketing made simple!

✓ Send unlimited mails

✓ Marketing statistics

✓ Smart custom templates

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